Saturday, June 20, 2009

Paddy's Third Private

I got to take Paddy out as well on XC earlier in the day for our last lesson. Since we’re getting to know each other, we stuck primarily with N (and some T) fences. Here’s what I learned (other than I have an AWESOME horse!):

I need to support Paddy with my leg; he’s going to do it, but he needs to know I’m there. Steady, light, consistent support.

I can tug and release to get him more “up” before a fence—but don’t over do it, AND don’t add too much leg, otherwise I’m giving him conflicting signals. I can “regroup” Paddy closer to the jump than I can PC.

Because Paddy is so balanced, I feel like I’m going slower than I am. BE AWARE of that.

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