Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 3: Stadium Schooling

Isn’t it funny how I’m getting less and less afraid of XC obstacles, but I retain my terror of stadium jumps? Go figure….

Once again, I’m going to have to work on this leg thing. Like Jimmy says, without that anchor, we’re pretty much adrift!!

We started out pretty straight forward, with simple lines—then we got a little complex, taking some jumps at angles, and making some pretty tight turns. We finished off with a triple combination.

PC rocked.

Rainey asked us when a horse jumps his best: The answer is when he’s free jumping. He’s balanced and rarely, if ever, makes a mistake then (or if he does, he can immediately correct it). The less we mess with them, the better they will jump. If I can learn to sit quietly, I’ll help him so much more! That, and use my LEGS before my ARMS/BODY.

Rainey emphasized a constant pace/rhythm. Shoulders up and back before the fence. QUIET. Don’t over jump. Hands up and giving. Legs on and supportive.

Paddy had no lesson today, and I hacked him back in the back—I’d never been there, because N and BN don’t go there. I was almost at the very end of the jumping area when a train went by. And we were about eight feet from the train.

Paddy did a little half rear, wheeled around, and took off. MAN, that horse can GO! I couldn’t decide if I was terrified or having fun….I don’t think Paddy could decide, either! He finally slowed down. So I found out he has a whole ‘nother gear, and that he can be controlled! And he’s a heckuva lotta fun to ride.

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